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Top Rodeo Bull Hire Stevenage – Ultimate Fun for Your Party or Corporate Event

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Get ready to have a bucking good time with the Rodeo Bulls for hire Stevenage from Moonlite Entertainments.

If you’re looking for a thrilling addition to your next event, then our rodeo bulls have got you covered. Available to hire throughout Stevenage, Hertfordshire, our mechanical bulls are perfect for any type of party – from weddings and birthdays to corporate events and fundraisers.

Also known as bucking broncos, rodeo bulls are the ultimate high-energy, fun-filled addition to any event or party, and are sure to get all of your guests talking, laughing and competing to see who can stay on board the longest. Request you Rodeo Bull Hire quote today! 

The Rodeo Bull Experience

Your brave guests will take it in turns to mount the mechanical bull, taking a tight hold of the rope before one of our operators starts the ride at a slow, manageable pace, but they’ll soon increase the speed.

Your guests will then have to use all of their strength, stability and balance to stay aboard the bucking, spinning, leaping bull that’s trying so hard to ditch its rider. When your guest loses their balance, they’ll land comfortably onto the inflatable bed that surrounds it.

The digital timer adds a fun, competitive element to the ride, so you and your guests can compete against each other to see who’d make the best cowboy (or girl!).


We Have You Covered

But the fun doesn’t stop there – if you’re looking for an extra-quirky touch to your event, we also offer mechanical camels and reindeer, which are hugely popular around the festive season. But whether you opt for a rodeo bull, camel or reindeer, the safety of you and your guests is our number one priority. Not only do we provide you with one of our fully-trained, experienced members of staff to operate the mechanical bull, but we also have public liability insurance to the value of £5m, so you can rest assured that your party entertainment is in the best hands.

Your Rodeo Bull Hire Technical Requirements

Even though we’re all about having fun, there are a few compulsory requirements that come with hiring our bulls, camels or reindeer. In order to operate the machinery, we require a safe, stable electricity supply of a 1 x 13amp 240v socket which cannot be shared with other equipment – including the inflatable safety bed. The electricity supply should be no further than 25 metres away from the ride, however, we can supply a generator if this is not possible-simply ask us about this when booking your rodeo bull.

In order to ensure the stability of the rodeo bull, we will require a large, flat area at your venue. The inflatable safety bed surrounding the bull is 15ft, so this is the minimum space requirement for the ride – but extra space is useful as you’re sure to have lots of spectators! If you’re hosting an outdoor event but can’t rely on the great British weather, we also offer inflatable rain covers which requires a space 20ft x 20ft in size.

So whether you fancy riding a rodeo bull in your wedding dress, or you want a special send off for the latest stag in the group, or birthday party or corporate event in Stevenage, we pride ourselves on providing the very best service to all of our customers, no matter what the occasion.  Request your Rodeo Bull Hire quote today from Moonlite Entertainments.

Technical Specifications

Rodeo Bull Hire Compulsory Requirements
The Rodeo ride will require safe and stable electricity supply of 1 x 13 amp 240volts socket NOT SHARED for both the ride and the inflatable safety bed and must not be further than 25 metres away from the nearest building or generator.

If needed we can supply you with a generator at extra cost.

The equipment will require access of at least 28 inches to fit through any Doors or Gated area. All passage ways must be cleared and free of any obstacles such as dust bins or drain pipes etc.

The Rodeo Bull has a 15ft or (5m) inflatable safety bed that surrounds the mechanical bull making it safe for everyone to fall onto. We will install and set up at your venue with care and have public liability insurance to the value of £5m.

The rodeo bull will require a flat area to set up on in order for the machine to be stabilised.
(Please note we will not lift 130kg over a fence!!!!!)

Space Requirements

Rain Covers
Why let the rain spoil your event we do have inflatable rain covers that will allow the Rodeo rides to be operated regardless of rain.  Please ask for a quote for one of our inflatable covers when making your booking.  Additional Hire Charges will only apply if the cover is used on the day.

Space Requirements for Rain Cover

The rain cover will require a space of 20ft x 20ft; with the inflatable bed of the Rodeo Bull set within it. If you want the Rodeo Bull indoors, it will require a ceiling clearance of around 10ft/2.9m.


Door or gate entrance width must be at least 28 inches and without any any obstructions on way to the operational area.

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