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Light Up Letters and Number Hire

We have a large selection of light up numbers and letters for your event, whatever the occasion. 

We are often asked to provide joint initial such as, Mr & Mrs or LOVE for weddings or company names at corporate events.

Names, numbers and dates are also great for birthdays and  anniversaries.  Add glamour and distinction to your Prom night or Awards ceremony with the year in light-up numerals.

wedding dj
Disco Dome Hire

Light-up letters and numbers can be positioned in almost any situation to make the most impact, depending on your venue.
All numbers and letters, and many symbols, are available and can be combined to add light and sparkle to your celebration in a unique way, limited only by your imagination.

Why not add our light up numbers and letters to one of our Sequin or Flower Walls, also available to hire ?

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